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By guest, Mar 11 2015 06:46PM

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May 1 2017 09:05PM by R R

I stopped in the store to purchase carpet and pad for my stairs I informed the owner that I had an open house and was leaving on vacation
While he scheduled the time I put it into my calendar which was between 8 and 10
I was at my property at 8 no one showed I looked online for the phone number and called No answer and no answering machine
Called 10, 10:30, 11 no answer
11:10 spoke with a woman who informed me that I was scheduled for 12 to 2 pm she would call the installers and call me right back
2pm called back and spoke with the woman again same excuse and said that she would call me right back
2:30pm, no call back, I drove to the store and spoke with the man who scheduled me for 8 to 10 in the morning. He said that he didn't do it, I said well then the guy looks exactly like you, I have been calling since this morning, been told that I would get a call back, which I did not and then said I guess if you want an answer that it must be easier to drive to the store then to receive a call back.
I also said that the website doesn't have hours listed. The owner said we don't have a website, someone hacked them and made a website for them. I pulled up the website on my phone and was then informed by the woman working yhere that it was their website
I told him that I could not because I was leaving on vacation and had an open house, which is why I scheduled for the first stop with him.
FATHER AND SON did not offer a discount for my wasted day and overcharged me sales tax.
When I came back from vacation, I had the carpet installed by the owners son.
He apologized after I explained what happened. I also informed him that they have been overcharging the customers for sales tax, which he was unaware of.
I had to pull up the 2017 sales tax rate and explain to him about the changes, he said oh well its only pennies.
BAD BUSINESS, poor scheduling, their time is more important than yours, overcharge for carpet and installation and ripping the customers off for sales tax.

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